I Will Do On Page SEO With Yoast SEO

Do you know Onpage SEO is a pillar in your rankings on the first page?

According to google algorithmic core update, On-page will be the main tracking junction to boost your rankings.

I will optimize your site for higher rankings with error-free configuration. Following features will be covered :


  • Installation and configuration of premium Yoast
  • Broken links and 404 fix
  • Robot txt files optimization
  • Meta description writing with focus keyphrase
  • Focus keyphrase selection with Ahref pro
  • Addition of kw by KGR method
  • Slug and permalink optimization
  • Images alt text with seed kw
  • optimization of H1, H2, H3, and tags from archives
  • submission to bing, Alexa, yahoo, duckduckgo
  • secure your site with Jetpack

Technical Optimization

  •  Search Console integration
  • Google analytics and sitemap creation
  • Site speed optimization (Premium )
  • Site schema workout Fix site bugs, issues, and errors

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Yoat SEO: On-Page SEO Techniques to Improve Your Rankings

On-page SEO means using elements on your page to help improve your rankings in search engines, specifically Google. All elements of your page can be optimized, including your titles, descriptions, URLs, and headers. If you’re not sure what all of these mean, don’t worry – they’re pretty self-explanatory once you learn how they work. In this guide on how to do on-page SEO with Yoast SEO, you’ll learn exactly how this WordPress plugin helps you optimize each of these different elements to help improve your search engine rankings.

What is on-page SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very broad topic, but at its core it’s really quite simple. All you have to do is provide a search engine like Google with something they want and they will rank your site higher than your competitors. This has been proven time and time again and is what SEO truly comes down to in today’s day and age.

What To Put In The Title Tag

Every page on your website should have a title tag. It’s one of Google’s primary ranking factors, and it can affect how your content shows up in search results. Include keywords that are important for that page within it, and also include unique variations of those words.

How To Write A Meta Description That Gets Read

Sure, we have Google and other search engines, but what if you’re a business owner looking for more traffic from your own website? Search engine optimization (SEO) is not dead; in fact, it’s more important than ever. The reason for that lies with Google.

The Content About Page

One of the most important things about your website is its content. No matter how good your website design looks, if it doesn’t have relevant and helpful content, you will lose out on traffic, customers and sales. If someone is looking for something they can find it online in just a few seconds. This means that creating content that is useful and informative must be one of your top priorities when creating an online presence.

Backlinks Are Still Important For Rankings

Backlinks are still one of (if not THE) most important ranking factors for search engines. Every website relies on them for a solid SEO strategy and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. However, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on link building strategies that aren’t spammy or done incorrectly.

Generating Traffic With Keywords

There are many ways that you can use your keywords in order to optimize your content. We’ll discuss all of them here, but first, we need to set one thing straight. When people talk about keyword density in Yoast SEO, they’re referring only to how often you use a particular keyword (or phrase) on a single page.

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